MICHAEL HUSSAR ROADSHOW: San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento!

March 22 - April 1 2014


Reserved admission is available for $20 via PayPal using the "Buy Now" button below. Choose a city using the pulldown menu. Admission in non-refundable, so please read all details below before purchasing reserved admission. PLEASE BRING A PRINTED COPY OR A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT TO THE EVENT.

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On-site admission will be available for $20 at the door, or buy Michael's book White: A Decade for $40 at the door and admission is free.

Draw, paint and party with renowned artist Michael Hussar as he travels from town to town with a mysterious dark art roadshow. Artists are invited to draw and paint with Michael; fans and curiosity-seekers are encouraged to observe and socialize. A good time will be had by all.

Los Angeles, CA - Saturday, March 22 - 8:00 PM 'til 11:00 PM
2517 Pasadena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90031

San Francisco, CA - Monday, Mar. 24  - 8:00 PM 'til 11:00 PM
Last Gasp
2948 20th St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Portland, OR - Wednesday, Mar. 26 - 8:00 PM 'til 11:00 PM
The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven
1464 SE 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Seattle, WA - Friday, Mar, 28 - 8:00 PM 'til 11:00 PM
Super Genius Tattoo
1419 10th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

Sacramento, CA - Tuesday, Apr. 1 - 8:00 PM 'til 11:00 PM
Side Show Studios
2111 28th St
Sacramento, CA 95818

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