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Walking Your Octopus - Special Edition

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Walking Your Octopus - Special Edition

Price: $90.00

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Product Description


Upon initial publication, 1000 copies of Brian Kesinger's charming first book Walking Your Octopus were plussed with metal corners to create a special edition. These embellished books were orginally offered at the same cover price as the regular edition ($29.95), but the edition is nearly sold out and the final few ciopies (less than 10 remaining) are available at the premium price of $90.00. No further copies with metal corners wil be produced. These books have been signed by Brian Kesinger, further adding to their value.


Customer Reviews

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4 Stars Smile! Chuckle! Even guffaw!
by Richard Derus on Aug 4, 2013
  Rating: 4.5* of five I can't remember snickering, chortling, giggling, or smirking this much in a very long time. The absurdity of the premise is matched only by the beauty of the object. "The adventurous spirit of the octopus is infectious. After spending time with them, you will find yourself attempting many activities that might have heretofore been out of range of one's more mundane lifestyle." This fronts a page showing Victoria, our intrepid octopus-adopter, attempting (with limited success) to ice-skate, supported by the smiling, multi-skated Otto the rescued octopus. Inspired, divine steampunky-bizarro silliness. If the pictures don't make you smile, I'd tell you to unpucker and drink a G&T and then look again. If they still don't make you smile, apply for a sense of humor graft.
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104 of 229 found the following review helpful:
5 Stars Me
by raquelvegas from Los Angeles, CA, USA on Jun 1, 2013
  This book looks as if it is beautifully illustrated. Personally I would rather visit "my" octopus at the zoo than walk it. Octopi are smart, but also very devious. They eat stuff when you are not even looking! If you have live crab, they will eat that. So don't trust octopi and better not dedicate time to taking octopi for walks. Stick to dogs! Walking octopi is for children. I prefer independent men. No octopi nee apply. ;) I still look forward to reading this book and reflecting back on my stupidity. Rebecca
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