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Traveling With Your Octopus - Special Edition

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Traveling With Your Octopus - Special Edition


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Product Description

A lavishly illustrated Victorian era travelogue chronicling the international journeys of Octo-Victorian globetrotters Victoria Prismall and her pet land octopus Otto. This scenic follow-up to Brian Kesinger's instant classic Walking Your Octopus is sure to delight all manner of world adventurers. Thirty panoramic, full-page illustrations showcase Victoria and Otto as they explore destinations in Scotland, France, Holland, Spain, Austria, Romania, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico, and beyond. From snowy Himalayan peaks to lush Amazon rain forests… from the tombs of the Pharaohs to the depths of the oceans... from the beaches of the Caribbean, to the plains of the American west… see it all from the comfort of your favorite reading spot. As with Walking Your Octopus, this book is collectible art-object for those who still value the classic elegance of ink-on-paper. The hardcover binding is plussed with two-layer embossing and spot varnish, and the interior is printed on extra heavy paper. An exquisite volume for lovers of books, art and pets. A limited number of Traveling With Your Octopus books were plussed with metal corners to create a special edition. These embellished books are available at the same cover price as the regular edition ($29.95). These books have been signed by Brian Kesinger, further adding to their value.

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