Join The Carnival

Baby Tattoo launched its first Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and hasn't looked back since. In addition to raising over half a million dollars to fund nine successful projects, Kickstarter has been an exciting way to bring our artists together with their fans in a truly unique way. 


So Good For Little Bunnies: 10th Anniversary Edition

A lavishly produced re-release of Brandi Milne's sold-out children's book.


When Is High Moon? 

Moonlighting artists from the Story & Visual Development Departments at a major animation studio present a graphic novel anthology.


1st Annual Brian Kesinger Christmas Ornament

The start of a holiday tradition with a limited time Mermaid Ornament designed by Brian Kesinger and sculpted by Thomas Kuntz.


Rolly Crump: Projects of a Whimsical Earth

Explore human imagination through an art book by legendary theme park designer Rolly Crump as part of Kickstarter's Projects of Earth.


Dragons vs. Mermaids (Just Kidding!)

A set of two sketchbooks by Brian Kesinger, "Penned Dragons" and "Inked Tails". 


Existence Within The Mechanism

Acclaimed photographic liar Jeffery Scott (1019) presents an art book 10 years in the making. A dark chronicle of human re-engineering.


Spirit Drawing: Tales Of The Phantasmagoric Skull

An Art Adventure in a Magicians' Lair with Olivia De Berardinis & Thomas Kuntz


Brian Kesinger OctoMatch

Match 8 octopus cards in 8 seconds! A simple game of memory, luck and whimsical Octo-Victorian art.


Beyond Science Fiction - Paintings by Michael Whelan

A book of painting by acclaimed fantasy artist Michael Whelan. 


Beauties Beasts

Lovely Ladies and Menacing Monsters from pinup legend Olivia De Berardinis and creature creator Jordu Schell. Foreword by Elvira.


Dressing Your Octopus

An Otto and Victoria paper doll book that empowers your imagination and unlocks your inner storyteller.